Privacy Policy

We declare that we will take all possible measures to protect the personal information of our customers.
We believe that it is our social responsibility as a company to properly handle and protect personal information, and declare that we will comply with the “Act on the Protection of Personal Information” and other related laws and regulations, and establish a personal information protection system as follows.

1.Basic policy

Creative Coatings Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “our company”) will strive to appropriately protect personal information held by our company by establishing, operating, maintaining, reviewing, and revising the following requirements as initiatives in order to protect personal information from risks such as unauthorized access, improper use, information leakage, and falsification.

2.Scope of application

The scope of application of this policy shall be all organizations that handle personal information as an information asset.

3.Acquisition of personal information

We will acquire personal information within the scope of its legitimate business. When acquiring personal information, we will notify the individual of the purpose of use, contact point for inquiries, and other necessary matters, or make a public announcement.

4.Proper management of personal information

In order to maintain the confidentiality of personal information, our company will implement measures to protect personal information from loss, destruction, and alteration. We will not provide or disclose the personal information obtained unless we have obtained the prior consent of the subject of the information or are required to do so by law.

5.Compliance with laws and regulations

We will comply with laws, regulations, standards, and other norms related to personal information.

6.Inquiries about personal information

If you wish to inquire about, correct, delete, or suspend the use of your own personal information, or if you have any other complaints regarding your personal information, please contact us and we will respond promptly.

7.Employee Training

We will educate its officers and employees on the protection of personal information to raise their awareness.

8.Improvement and enhancement of the personal information protection system

We will strive to continuously improve and enhance our personal information protection system to adapt to changes in the social environment.