Intellectual Property Policy

Counterfeit Technology Alert

Warning against Counterfeit Technology from Creative Coatings

We have applied for patents on methods and devices for forming external electrodes on the ends of electronic components such as multilayer ceramic capacitors, not only in Japan but also in the patent offices of major electronic component producing countries such as Europe, the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, China, Mexico, and Southeast Asian countries.
This patent application defines a blotting process that removes excess paste from a paste layer preformed on an electronic component by moving a surface plate and a jig holding an electronic component back and forth, left and right, and spirally relative to the surface of the surface plate using a combination of X, Y, and Z axis movements. There are two ways to perform this blotting process. One is to transfer the excess paste to the surface of the surface plate (called the dry method). One is to transfer the excess paste to the surface of the surface plate (called the dry method). The other is to transfer the excess paste to a pre-formed paste layer on the surface of the surface plate. This is called the wet method.

These methods and apparatuses for carrying out the blotting process by dry or wet methods are in conflict with the inventions described in the claims of our patent application, and should be discontinued immediately.
We will take a firm stance against such imitation technologies to wipe them out.
To this end, we regularly analyze the cross-sectional electrode shapes of electronic components and conduct extensive investigations to determine whether they were produced using technologies that imitate ours in terms of application shape.
In the event that a patent is granted for our proprietary technology and we are found to have infringed on that patent, we will be prepared to take legal action.

We hope that you will continue to use our products in the future.