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Technologies / AI Coating system

It is a digital manufacturing technology that enables robots to perform film formation and physical property evaluation, and to optimize film formation conditions and composition through predictive analysis by AI (Bayes’ analysis) to minimize the optimal conditions.

AICO (AI Coating System)

Gas phase technology×Optimizing device characteristics in the shortest possible time using AI.

Autonomous process of film deposition and measurement.

Prediction for multi-dimensional parameters using 'Bayes' estimation

Reduction of cost and time for condition search.


Basic specifications

Vessel size φ 0.5 × H 0.2 m
Attainable vacuum 5.0 × 10-6 Pa
Available film types BaTiO3、LiPON、Al2O3
Applicable wafer 8~12 inch
Film thickness 1~30 nm
Film forming speed 0.1 nm/cycle

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